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Our Pastoral Staff

Bishop David B. G. Flaherty

Bishop David began his studies for ministry at Wadhams Hall Seminary College in Ogdensburg, NY and completed an MA in Theology at St. Mary’s Seminary University in Baltimore, MD. He served in liturgy and music ministry in a number of parishes and ministries, including Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Church in Baltimore. He was ordained in The United Reformed Catholic Church and founded St. Sebastian parish in 2002. On February 4, 2012, he was ordained Bishop for service to the St. Sebastian parish.   Read full bio

Jon Kmetz

Deacon and Music Minister
Jon Kmetz first became involved with music ministry in 1991 with Dignity Philadelphia based at St. Marks Episcopal Church. For four years he served as minister and cantor with several other talented musicians. From 1995 until 1996, Jon lived as an expatriate in the Slovak Republic teaching English. While there, he reconnected with his ancestral Greek Catholic church, and was exposed to Byzantine liturgy and music while a parishioner at Ss. Peter & Paul Church. In 2004, having moved to Baltimore a few years previously, Jon joined St. Sebastian’s parish and decided to re-enter the music ministry. In 2006, after serving for two years, the community decided to formally dedicate Jon as the Music Minister. On February 2, 2013, Jon was ordained Deacon for service to the St. Sebastian parish.

Kevin Platte

Director of Parish Finances
Kevin Platte has an MBA from Old Dominion University and has been on the staff since the beginning of St. Sebastian Catholic Church in 2002.

Angela Burneko

Religious Education

Janet Price

Deacon and Sacristan

Janet joined St. Sebastian in 2008 after moving to Baltimore and has been a sacristan for St. Sebastian since the Spring of 2009. She is studying social work at the University of Maryland while contemplating how she can save the world without losing her mind. She also enjoys outdoor activities, especially hiking and backpacking, and crafting, especially knitting, weaving, and spinning. She writes about her journey at Discern This. There is a rumor that she will one day finish a stole for Bishop David. On February 2, 2013, Janet was ordained Deacon for service to the St. Sebastian parish.

Richard Ruane

Web Developer

Richard Ruane has an M.A. in communication studies from The University of North Texas and has also completed graduate work in education. He studied theology at The Anglican School of Theology in Dallas, Texas.