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David B. G. Flaherty

I began my studies for the Roman Catholic priesthood under the care of the Diocese of Syracuse, NY in 1982 and left the Seminary in 1989 after completing the exams and work for MA. I served in liturgy and music ministry in a number of parishes and campus ministries.I also served as music minister with the gracious and loving people of Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Church in Baltimore, MD under the care of Rev. Richard Bozelli until I was ordained a deacon within the United Catholic Church at the hands of Most Rev. Robert Bowman in 2001.  I was ordained to the priesthood at the heart and hands of the Most Rev. Kimo Keawe within the United Reform Catholic jurisdiction on September 14, 2002.

The parish community of St. Sebastian began with my first Mass of Thanksgiving the next day.  We have ranged from 5 - 40 people celebrating Sunday Mass but have always kept the spirit and life of the catholic liturgical heritage alive no matter how many folks were present. On February 4, 2012, I was ordained bishop for service to the community of St. Sebastian.

I am blessed and honored to work with the people of this parish staff who help to craft and celebrate our catholic heritage in loving detail, life-giving humor and nurture beyond telling.